Hello Reg! Hello School! Here we go again. :))
I should be sleeping now, for all time's sake. i need all the energy i can get from sleeping since registration process in school is difficult. HAHAHA. you need to fall in line, you need to be everywhere to get a subject. :)) talk about kagebunshiin technique. :))

just dropping by. hopefully i'll be sleeping in a while! :)

Hey, big bro! :)
I am so freaking happy. :)) HAHAHA. After reading couple of past issues of Reader's Digest (January 1974 to present) i hit the bookstore today with my mom. We dropped by at National-Ali Mall after visiting the cemetery. :D

Well, i went straight to the customer service to ask if they have a copy of Kite Runner and 1984 (since i don't have the patience of looking them up for myself). Luckily, they have both. <3~

I was giddy to see the books in my hands, HAHAHA. T'was as if i found a gold mine. Yadayada, lousy comparison. XD Gold mine is an understatement. XD Anyhoo, i decided to buy 1984 first. Kite Runner soon after i finish 1984. :D

As a weird habit, i start my reading date at the back. :)) Back cover i mean, then front, then all the other stuff -comments, and whatevers. HAHAHA :))

And i am enjoying every bit of it. =) Can't wait to finish the story agad. HAHAHA. :))

e baket ba, excited ako magbasa after soooooo long. eto na, eto na. napurga na ako sa reader's digest. :)) at nakita kong 2,5oo yung complete books ng twilight. HAHAHA. pag-iipunan ko na muna bago bumili para tuloy-tuloy. ycuk,  kinikilig ako. HAHAHA. :)) hindi halatang excited ako e. =))

Hmmkay, going back to reading. :)

Another thank you to Sir A for the titles. woot woot!

All Out
All grades are finally out. I must say, i am happy with my grades. Although there's one or two subject that i feel
i deserve more than what was given.

No, i am not bitter. I hurt because i expected something more. And we all know that when we expect it's either you
party or you weep with the results.

Shall i party or weep this time?Collapse )

CHA is Back!

After two years, i decided to open up a new LJ account! :) no more weeping entries, just pure fun, exciting and crazy posts! :D

read on!Collapse )


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