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Sometime last year

I sit here in a cozy dimly lit café in Ali Mall. I am waiting for that perfect person. Oh, maybe not perfect but the right one, the right subject in which my mind will play with, in a little while.

I reach for my grand caramel frap and take a sip. Hmm. This makes everything in place, I think the creative mood is starting to spur.
To my left is a young lady, in her early twenties I guess, with her laptop. She’s wearing a mini skirt and a plain white shirt. Her head is not moving, she seems to be stunned with whatever is in her monitor. She seems to indulge with whatever she’s doing. Her eyes are sparkling and she smiles to herself from time to time. Hmm, if I know any better I will think she’s playing Mafia Wars or Pet Society in Facebook. I think, she’s waiting for someone, her boyfriend maybe? Her tall frap is already half full and she’s been here before I am. Hmm, either she drinks really slow or she’s drinking slow in purpose. I’m almost halfway through my grande and I’ve been sitting here for what, five to ten minutes?

Or maybe, I am just sucking my frap faster than anyone else does. Possible.

Oh there, she smiles again. Now, I think she’s playing with her laptop’s webcam. HAHA Taking tons of pictures that she will soon post in her Facebook or Multiply or Twitter or Plurk. Not bad, she’s pretty with her black curly hair falling loosely up to her chest. She has sparkling eyes too and her morena complexion looks perfect on her. She smiles. A new level in Mafia Wars or Pet Society are the probable cause. Lame. But what else, I don’t think she will be watching Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili/Maricar in here, right? Right. Oops, she looks at me and I look away. She is probably thinking I’m one of those nuisance in the society, someone who minds other’s business. HAHA What do I care, I enjoy this.

This sip in my frap is the last for her. My next sip will be for this cute guy who sits in front of me. He’s been there for a minute or two. Just the moment where I look away from the laptop girl.

He sits there with his phone in his hands. He doesn’t have anything for himself, no hot coffee, no frap, no pastries. He twists his phone and then presses the button to light up the LCD, he is definitely waiting for someone and he’s a bit early. He looks Chinese to me, his eyelid-less eyes and his snow white complexion give me the hint. He was wearing a red shirt with the print: Beware of Perverts. And then I laughed in my head, I remember Hayden Kho. Right. The phone rings, I think, he put it in his ears and talk. He’s a bit far from where I sit I can’t hear what he’s saying. I think he is asking the person from the other line to meet him now. Oh, the person he is waiting for may not be able to come and meet him. The glee on his face vanishes the moment he lay his phone on the table. He looks at it for a long time, long enough for me to realize that I already finished my frap.

I am now packing my stuff, two pens, and my other notebook. I look up at him again and he stands up, then walks out of the café.
And here I am, still sitting in the same chair with my empty glass of caramel frap. The room is still cozy however, my mind play today ends in the last sip of my frap, as it has begun in the same way.
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