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Jokes are half meant?

HAHA. Funny. I really don't believe such statement. There is no theory to back it up anyway. yown, kailangan kasi may theory HAHAHA.

But right now i am starting to think that the statement may be true after all. :P now, i believe that joking is a way of telling someone what you want, what you feel, what you really want to say. can i hear affirmations there? HAHA.

Jokes are channels to indirectly tell someone you LIKE him/her. right? We joke around with what really feel because we are afraid of rejections, of friendship-overs, of those awkward silence, of those cold stares. We are afraid of the consequences revelations may bring.

we are afraid to risk.

because we are afraid to lose the people we care for so much that sometimes we choose to be silent.

but hey, we must also realize that life is short. and sometimes we need to stand up and speak for ourselves, face the consequences and then be content. at least no thinking of what-ifs and what could-have-beens, right? :)