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Apr. 12th, 2010


Sometime last year

I sit here in a cozy dimly lit café in Ali Mall. I am waiting for that perfect person. Oh, maybe not perfect but the right one, the right subject in which my mind will play with, in a little while.

I reach for my grand caramel frap and take a sip. Hmm. This makes everything in place, I think the creative mood is starting to spur.
To my left is a young lady, in her early twenties I guess, with her laptop. She’s wearing a mini skirt and a plain white shirt. Her head is not moving, she seems to be stunned with whatever is in her monitor. She seems to indulge with whatever she’s doing. Her eyes are sparkling and she smiles to herself from time to time. Hmm, if I know any better I will think she’s playing Mafia Wars or Pet Society in Facebook. I think, she’s waiting for someone, her boyfriend maybe? Her tall frap is already half full and she’s been here before I am. Hmm, either she drinks really slow or she’s drinking slow in purpose. I’m almost halfway through my grande and I’ve been sitting here for what, five to ten minutes?

Or maybe, I am just sucking my frap faster than anyone else does. Possible.

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Jan. 11th, 2010


Trying to go back

I want to try blogging again. I'm starting to get rusty and my brain doesn't function as well as before. :)) So i'll fix this account this week and WILL write again! XD

Mar. 11th, 2009


Lo and Behold!

I'm on tumblr too.

Mayged. I'm all over the net. HAHA

Dec. 25th, 2008


Blianche invades sulit.com.ph

Hey fellas, i am currently selling my Dad's K-Swiss Verstad! Please check out my sulit.com.ph ads @ http://blianche.sulit.com.ph!

Also, i am posting in the site's banner in my ever reliable public blog :P

Please please check it out, it's on sale and yes, the price is still negotiable! :)

Dec. 24th, 2008




waw. what's with that love. HAHAHA XD

Dec. 20th, 2008



hmm, just excited and happy.

-we have a new cat at home, that just appeared from God knows where. :D
-mom bought me my 2nd Christmas gift
-and i'm excited to get the 3rd! that super ultra kewl backpack! :D

happy happy happy yow! :D

Nov. 27th, 2008


Anticipating Christmas

I've always been excited for Christmas :) always. :)

excited for gifts that i will be receiving. :D

and hmm, two of my christmas wish list, i still am hoping i'll get it this december or next year's first quarter. :D

well the first of the two, i already received, this one, this 2nd one, i am praying wishing and hoping that i'll get it next year. Y_Y

oh please. this one. i'll scrap my dreams of a (graduation gift) solo 3-day trip to Hongkong. :D maybe a family trip somewhere in the Philippines will replace that. :D HOHOHOHO. :D

anyhow, still hoping for that 2nd gift. :) ooooooh, puhlease! :D

Nov. 15th, 2008



Check out PackShirts online store! offering a wide array of t-shirt designs! Statement shirts and School Angas shirts!

Please feel free to browse around the site! :)

See you there! :)

Nov. 14th, 2008


Jokes are half meant?

HAHA. Funny. I really don't believe such statement. There is no theory to back it up anyway. yown, kailangan kasi may theory HAHAHA.

But right now i am starting to think that the statement may be true after all. :P now, i believe that joking is a way of telling someone what you want, what you feel, what you really want to say. can i hear affirmations there? HAHA.

Jokes are channels to indirectly tell someone you LIKE him/her. right? We joke around with what really feel because we are afraid of rejections, of friendship-overs, of those awkward silence, of those cold stares. We are afraid of the consequences revelations may bring.

we are afraid to risk.

because we are afraid to lose the people we care for so much that sometimes we choose to be silent.

but hey, we must also realize that life is short. and sometimes we need to stand up and speak for ourselves, face the consequences and then be content. at least no thinking of what-ifs and what could-have-beens, right? :)


Nov. 4th, 2008


Goodbye Miming. My heart died with you.

The family’s bundle of joy is dead. And no one can ever replace her. Teardrops on my laptop, tears kept falling as I am typing this letter. I am sobbing like there’s no tomorrow. I can still feel her cold skin against my hands and chest. She was my best friend. She was my playmate and I loved her more than my own nephew.

She was my parents adopted daughter. My adopted sister, no, she was my sister. She came in our family early September, when she was just a few weeks old. She was really tiny. Her eyes were full of beauty and life. I loved her nose more than my mine. She was the loveliest being that ever came to me.


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